Health check up department:-contact number-94502101

“Health check today; Healthy life tomorrow”

It is better to stop bad happenings than to deal with it. Research all over the world has proven that it is more economical to invest in preventive health care rather than to think of a hospital at the time of distress. More than the cost, it is the sheer joy of living a happy life without having to worry about one’s health. AL SALAMA POLYCLINIC is focusing its effort to propagate the concept of well being through preventive health packages that are designed to suit the needs of wide cross sections of the people across all age groups of Oman especially in Mobella area.

Now let us be judicious to our health. Just look around one of the most comprehensive health check program in Oman is at your nearest reach which offers you the convenience of tests under one roof and immediate treatment if called for.

“Prevention is better than cure”
Please come prepared for the health check up
  • Seek Prior appointment with health check up registration desk
  • Light dinner on the previous day recommended and to avoid alcohol
  • Don’t take anything except two-three glasses of water in the morning
  • Bring all the previous reports/records, if any
  • Report at the health check department at 7.30 am
  • Females should inform about pregnancy to avoid X RAYS. Avoid health check during menses
  • Inform about all the pre existing diseases/conditions to the attending doctor.

Health check up packages

Basic health screening

Hemoglobin, Total WBC count, Differential Count, RBC count, Haematocrit, Platelets, E.S.R, Blood grouping & RH type, Urine routine, Random blood sugar, Total cholesterol, Creatinine & uric acid, ECG, Chest X-Ray PA view, Body mass index, Doctor consultation, Physician consultation.

Price : R.O.30/- Only
Child health monitoring package

CBC, Blood group, Urine routine, RBS, G6PD, Sickling Test, Sickle cell Trait test, Stool routine, Pediatric consultation.

Price : R.O.40/- Only
Pre marital check up

Sickling test, G6PD, HIV, HCA, HbsAg, VDRL, T.S.H, FT4, Urine R/M, RBS, Blood group & RH typing, Physician consultation.

Price : R.O.60/- Only
Executive health check up

CBC, ESR, RBS, Lipid profile (FLP), Liver function test (LFT), Renal profile (RFT), Urine routine, Stool Routine, ECG, Chest X-Ray PA view, TSH, HIV/ HBsAg/ HCV/ VDRL, Uric acid ,Physician consultation.

Price : R.O.85/- Only
Comprehensive diabetic check up

Hemoglobin, Total WBC Count, E.S.R, Fasting blood sugar, Post prandial blood sugar, Triglycerides, LDL cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, VLDL, Total cholesterol, Urine routine, Blood urea, Serum creatinine, HbA1C, ECG, Chest X-Ray PA view, General physical examination including body mass index, Physician consultation.

Price : R.O.55/- Only
Well women check up

General examination including body mass index, Consultation with gynecologist, Complete blood count, Blood grouping & RH typing, Urine routine, RBS, T.S.H & FT4, Pap smear.

Price : R.O.50/- Only